Baby Gate Guru Wall Protector For Pressure Gates

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Baby Gate Guru wall protectors are designed specifically to protect your walls and wood trim from holes, indentations, scuffs, and other damage that can be caused by pressure mounted baby gates. These wall protectors work by spreading out the pressure applied to your wall from the gate’s spindle rods over a larger surface area, diffusing it against the soft rubber-like backing of the wall protector.

An inexpensive solution to keep your wall pristine and your gates temporary and moveable. No hardware required. Wall protectors are held in place by your pressure gate. Optional hole in the middle allows you to screw in place.

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4 Pack: Comes with 4 Wall Protectors (2.625″ wide), large enough to protect your walls yet small enough to not be visually obtrusive. Inner diameter of 1.625″ fits all standard size spindle rods.

Multiple colors: Choose between an elegant bronze color that perfectly matches bronze safety gates, or classic white to match light-colored safety gates and blend in with your home’s existing white trim.

Extends gate’s maximum width 1.25″ (5/8″ extra spacing off of wall on each side) to optionally aid in fitting wider openings.

No tools required. Wall protectors are held in place by the pressure of your gate’s spindles rods. Hole in middle of wall protector can be used for optional screw attachment to wall.


2.625″ diameter (6.6cm) with 1.625″ inner diameter (4.1cm)

Total depth of each wall protector is 1″, including 5/8″ extra spacing from the wall.

Wall protectors have 1/2″ clearance between the floor and pressure spindle inner circle opening. Fits most pressure gate models’ bottom spindles.

Package Weight: 6 oz

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